1. "Main Area Table" bookings are for a sit down table in our main area, where we operate a "pay as you go" queue system for our PONGConnect beer pong. Please see "DIGITAL BEER PONG" section for more information. 
The maximum bookable duration online for a table in our "Main Area" is 3 hours, if you require a table for longer, please send an enquiry to

2. "PONGConnect Beer Pong Table Hire" - You are making a booking for a PONGConnect beer pong table which will be reserved exclusively for your group's use for the duration of the booking. Each table comes with a seating area for the duration of your booking.
3. "VIP KARAOKE" bookings are for our VIP Karaoke room. More details can be found on the "KARAOKE" section.
4. "PRIVATE HIRE" - For Basement Main Area Hire or Entire Venue Hire. 
For group of 3 or below, we do not accept booking, walk in only.

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 Telephone/Booking Enquiries : 020 7278 0018 (Store Hotline) +44 7754 004 367 (WhatsApp)